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A patent is:

  • a limited time property right
  • given exclusively to an inventor
  • issued under the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent protects the invention by prohibiting others from producing, using, selling or importing the invention in exchange for public disclosure of the invention.


A trademark is:

  • a unique word, phrase, symbol, design, logo, brand, or combination,
  • used to distinguish a business, its goods and/or services,
  • used to certify an item’s authenticity.

Trademark rights are territorial in scope and obtained by using the mark in commerce.  Through federal registration, trademark rights are enhanced and give the owner increased legal protection.


A copyright is:

  • a limited time property right
  • given solely to the originator of creative works, published or unpublished,
  • issued under the laws of the United States.

Copyright law protects works of original authorship, such as literature, music, and art, by giving exclusive ownership and rights to the creator.


“I have worked with Margaret for more than ten years. She has been an excellent Intellectual Property attorney who has consistently helped me to protect hundreds of IP assets. She is proactive in my favor and in defense of my IP assets, without excessive legal aggression or billing. I have recommended her many times to my friends with great enthusiasm.”

William J. KitchenUS Thrill RidesUS Thrill Rides

“Margaret has been with our company since the beginning, from the filing of our first US patent. We are a rapidly growing enterprise with little time for the intricate details of managing a global IP portfolio. Margaret and her team dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s and provide excellent reports, recommendations, and valuable assistance with global patent strategy at a very competitive price. She is one of our most valuable assets.”

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