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Do I need a contract?

Often, the best way to leverage your IP value is through contracting. Our team helps evaluate opportunities and work toward a deal that will benefit you.


We are highly experienced in licensing patents, trademarks, and copyrights, both domestically and abroad. Whether you are looking to license out or in an IP asset, we work hard to prepare a license agreement that accomplishes your goals under the best possible terms.

Confidentiality Agreements

In many situations in the IP world, confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements help avoid unintentionally surrendering your rights or disclosing privileged, valuable information. We make sure that the scope of the agreement adequately covers confidential material while still allowing for the parties to effectively assess and complete the venture.


In the event you seek to transfer IP rights, such as between an employee and employer or in a bona fide purchase/sale agreement with a third party, we provide unmatched attention in drafting the assignment agreement. In this way, we guard against potential ownership issues arising in the future.

IP Diligence Support

Sometimes with larger deals, like mergers and acquisitions, you need specialized professionals on the team to reduce the risk of IP issues arising afterwards. Our team will review an IP portfolio to evaluate whether its actual value matches its value on paper, checking each detail: ownership, maintenance fees, and the scope of protection.

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