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Does my business need counseling?

With our team of attorneys and staff in your corner, you are never alone. We are available when you need us and dedicate ourselves to helping address and resolve your IP issues.

Portfolio Management

By collaborating closely with clients, we realize the maximum value of IP assets and work to meet individual strategic goals. Whether it is deciding to pursue IP protection (and in which countries to do so) or preparing a cost effective annual budget for IP-related expenses, our team helps you make the right call at every turn. We will assess every available option in managing a dynamic IP portfolio.

Trade Secrets

Sometimes, the best way to protect and leverage a commercial asset is by keeping the information private. The law may provide remedies for misappropriation of trade secrets so long as the piece of information meets the legal requirements of a trade secret. Whether you have a trade secret, and whether it was misappropriated, is a question for retrospection. Rest assured, though, we can help your company put policies and procedures in place to be in the best position to assert trade secret rights when the time comes.

Quality Control & In-house Training

Related to portfolio management, we offer comprehensive IP audits to identify areas of relative strength and weakness, formulate a plan to address potential issues, and implement best practices. At Polson IP Law, we consider ourselves as part of each client’s team. We believe that helping our clients develop an understanding of intellectual property forges a stronger relationship based on mutual respect and contributes to the overall success of the IP strategy.

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