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Do I need a copyright?

Copyrights give an author exclusive legal rights for reproduction, distribution, public performance, and public display of original works. Preparation of derivative works based on original works is also protected. The subject matter that is covered is original works fixed in a tangible medium of expression, and the duration of the exclusive rights is, generally, for the life of the author, plus a period of time after that. However, copyrights must be federally registered with the US Copyright Office before the owner can enforce the copyright for infringement. At Polson IP Law, we understand the flexibility of copyright protection and how to utilize this area of law to complement and maximize the value of your IP portfolio.

Validity Opinions

In some instances where enforcement is anticipated, it may be beneficial to first establish the eligibility of a work for copyright registration. Whether you would like to know if your work is registrable and enforceable, or whether a third party’s work should not have been registered in the first place, we carefully review the work in question to decide if the subject matter is appropriate for copyright protection.

Infringement & Fair Use Opinions

Copyright infringement usually requires proof of actual copying; however, there are cases in which copying may be inferred. We provide opinions of whether an accused party may be held liable for copyright infringement by carefully evaluating all the relevant legal and factual determinants.


We can assist in preparing the requisite filing to federally register your valuable copyrights.


We assess potential infringement and assert your copyrights when necessary. Whether you want the other party to cease and desist or would like to explore potential licensing opportunities, we do our best to assist in making your copyright investment work for you.

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